Ixus 100

As an add on to my previous post about compact cameras and DSLRs, and if you’re thinking of getting a compact camera, try Canon Ixus 100! It’s small, slim and lightweight! Perfect fit for your handbag or pockets!

Canon Ixus 100

And, the best thing about the Ixus 100 is that it comes in 4 amazing colors! How awesome is that!

Comes in Black, Gold, Silver and Red.

Of course, other than being small and lightweight, and being able to choose from 4 colors, the Ixus 100 also has Smart Auto Shooting Mode with Scene detection technology! Which means that the camera is able to detect brightness, contrast, and other things to make sure that every picture you capture is picture perfect. It also boosts of 12.1 mega pixels resolution to give you higher quality pictures and videos which you can share with your loved ones.

Here’s a feel of the quality of the Ixus 100 (:

For close up shots

Clock Tower in Penang, Malaysia

Alkaff Bridge, Robertson Quay Singapore

Harbour Bridge, Sydney Australia

Sunrise @ Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

So, there you have it. Features and quality images from Canon Ixus 100.

A Point-and-Shoot Camera.

A point-and-shoot camera doesn’t necessarily mean bad pictures. On the contrary, with the advancement of technology in this day and age, point-and-shoot cameras can also give you the quality of a DSLR (But, we still have to agree that a DSLR can produce superb quality images).

The cost of owning a compact point-and-shoot camera is also much lesser than a professional DSLR. A basic compact camera will probably cost about $300-$500, while entry level DSLR with a basic lens will set you back about $1,000 – $1,200.  And of course, a compact camera is, well, compact, which means that it is easier to carry the camera wherever you go! A DSLR on the other hand, is big and bulky, so you’d have to consider where you’re going and the activities that you’re gonna do and whether the DSLR will get in your way. Also, the maintenance of a DSLR is much more complex than a compact camera. You would have to make sure you have a drying unit to store your lens, at a certain temperature etc in case fungus starts growing on the lens. (Having said all those, the images and quality a DSLR can produce is still incomparable.)

Anyways, coming back to point-and-shoot cameras. We would probably all face the same problem of taking normal average photos compared to taking nice, visually attractive photos. Here’s a video on some basic tips we can use when taking photos in our everyday life! Cheers!

Okay. The following video isnt about how to use it in everyday life.. But still, its interesting to know that a compact camera can capture such wonderful images of water droplets too!

BTW, DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex. (:

Creative Advertisements

A friend sent me some emails and I thought these ads were really interesting! It really captures the essence of good advertisements which will make us do a double take in todays society where we are all flooded with countless and countless of advertisements day in and day out.

An ad for Folgers Coffee

A print of a cup of Folgers coffee placed on top of manhole covers in New York City, USA. Holes on the print allow “steam” to come out making it look like a hot cuppa. Brilliant!

A Heineken Ad

This innovative Heineken ad was on a large billboard in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A Rexona Ad

Life-size stickers of people on an automatic sliding door at a mall in Mumbai, India. The door moves apart, separating the “crowd” when someone approaches with the message ‘People move away when you have body odor’.

A Duracell Ad

A Duracell Ad in Malaysia placed on a high voltage box conveying the message that Duracell batteries are good enough to be used for even an electrical box.

An ad for Eatalica Burger

The ‘Caution! Wet Floor’ sign is part of the advertisement to promote Eatalica Burgers in Chennai, India. Copy on the poster reads: ‘Oogling at the burger may involuntarily cause drooling’. Smart.

A Recruitment Agency Ad

Advertisements for a job-recruit company in Berlin, Germany.

A Plasma HID Lights Ad

This ad was found in carparks and car workshops in Malaysia where the message it wanted to convey to consumers that its headlights are 300% brighter than regular headlights. The “burn” marks on the wall really does leave an impact doesnt it?

An Anti-Smoking Campaign

An anti-smoking campaign found in Vancouver during their National Non-Smoking Week. The message on the board reads, ‘Death from car accidents: 370. Death from smoking-related causes: 6027. Quit now before it kills you.’

A Creative Yoga Ad

A very creative and cost-effective advertisement in Hong Kong for a yoga school. Enquiries and enrollment went up after this particular promotional stunt.

Lastly… We have my favorite advertisment.

A Mini Cooper Advertisement

A smart and creative ad by Mini Cooper in Zurich, Switzerland. This ad shows people going into or coming out of the car, when in fact, they are actually entering or exiting the train station! Very smart indeed!

Holgas – Explained!

A few things about the Holga. With the increase in popularity of the holga, manufactures have been quick to jump onto this trend. Today, we can find heaps  of variations of the holga.

Let me give a tutorial on Holgas – Explained:

A 120 Pinhole Holga

This medium format Pinhole camera is an original full-sized Holga. With only the tiny pinhole on the front of the camera as the only conduit for light, every shot is a long exposure – ranging anything from 1 second in sunlit conditions to several hours in the dark. This version produces images with extremely soft focus which is almost dreamlike. It uses medium format film to ensure sharper images, deeper colors, and rich detail that only 120 emulsions can provide.

A 35mm Holga

This 35mm holga here is a slightly miniaturized version of the original medium format Holga. Like the original holga, it has an all-plastic lens, two shutter settings and two aperture settings. As the name suggests, this modified 35mm holga uses 35mm film which is much more easily available than the 120mm ones!

A 35mm Holga

This 35mm Holga Black Corner  is another slightly smaller version of the original Holga. Everything about this camera is the same as the one above, using 35mm film (the normal ones that are readily available) with 2 shutter settings and 2 aperture settings. The only visible difference is that, if you look at the top right hand corner of this holga, you will notice that it has ‘HOLGA 135BC’ written on it. The other difference is that this particular holga is able to produce images with shadowy vignette borders! Very nice vintage effect!

Of course there are many more variations of the holga camera out there. However, some of the original holgas that uses 120mm film has been discontinued. The more common ones we see around today are all modified versions of the holga, using 35mm film.

A few videos on lomography to watch!
(Lomography:  a type of photography which uses toy cameras!)

Free Photo Fun!

Just thought that I would share a few websites with FREE photo editing anyone can use! Its fun and easy to use. And nope! You don’t need to know any photoshop skills to be able to use these web-based photo editors like a pro!


The first website, BeFunky allows users to edit their photos with just one click. Users can be mesmerized at the ease of using this web-based editor. The many photo effects to choose from makes this editor impressive. Whats more, every effect comes with an option to make simple adjustments so that you can fine tune the photo to your liking!


This, is like a collage maker. Simple and easy to use. No downloads required too! And best of all, its FREE too! What more can I say? For those who have used Picasa before, this is similar to picasa except it’s better! It allows users to position the photos anywhere and anyway they want it.

Choose from various templates!


This is a easy to use editor that lets users create polaroid-like pictures in seconds!


This web-based editor allows users to create fun and cool pictures from a throng of frames! Its as easy as selecting your desired frame and uploading your photo to create those special effects you always wanted!

Fun Photo Box

Similar to Photo505, users can choose from different frames to create the different effects available.


This online photo editor allows users to create photo mosaic easily! Users will be amazed at the wonders of what this web-based editor can create!

Well, have fun exploring what these photo editors can do to your photos!


History of Photography

The camera is a really wonderful invention. Whoever thought that one day we would be able to capture images with such convenience. Anyways, just for fun and cause I thought it would be good to know the mechanism behind this remarkable device  , I google-ed up history of cameras.

Of course, before photographs came about, mankind drew on walls and stones and any other surfaces available to etch out images that will be left on to later generations. So, what sparked off the whole photography idea?

The name camera is probably derived from “camera obscura” which means dark chamber in Latin.  The camera obscura is a dark room with a small hole in one wall where an inverted image from the outside will appear on the opposite wall. Artists then use this image as an aid to their drawings. This optical device was then studied by early scientists who were able to develop and evolve that idea into the camera we see today.

So anyways, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Like they always say, a picture speaks a thousand words! (:

The World's first photograph.

The World's first photograph.

Exposure time to take this photograph was 8 hours!

The World's first Daguerreotype

The daguerreotype is the first photographic process that is commercially viable because it didn’t require long hours of exposure.

The World's oldest surviving Aerial photograph

The World's first color photograph

To know more about the history of photography, you might want to visit this site.