Digital to Lomo.

So, you don’t have a holga. And you don’t know where to get one. Or for some reason can’t get your hands on one and you love the effects of lomography. Here’s how to make your digital photos look like one.



Step 1: Creating a Vignette

Select the freehand lasso and set feather to about 85px and create a circle around the image.

Create a circle around the image

After you have circled the image, invert the selection. Go to the menu Select>Inverse.
(or you can hold Shift-cmd-l if you are using macbook and Shift-Ctrl-l on windows)

Invert Selection

Then, you’ll have to add a ‘Levels’ layer. To do this, go to Layer>New Adjustment Levels>Layers. Doing so will add a masked layer. Once you have selected this, you should see a window with the ‘levels’. Moving the center arrow to the right will give your image darkened lomo-like edges.

Vignette Edges

Flatten the image. (Or Shift-cmd-e on mac and Shift-Ctrl-e on windows)

Flattening the image

Step 2: Lomo-ing the image

Now, you’ll have to add a “Curves” layer. Select Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves and create a S-curve.

Curves Layer


Next, create a new layer and fill it with solid black.

New Layer

Fill with Black

Next, select Hue and bring opacity to about 30-40% (depending on your preference)


Flatten your image again. Then, select Image>Mode>Lab Color. After you have selected Lab Color, select the channel window and click on lightness. You should see your image turn greyscale. Go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask and play with the settings.

Unsharpen Mask

After you have decided on the settings, go to Image>Mode>RGB color and the colors will automatically come back.

Convert back to RGB mode

Finally, all you have to do is save the image and share! (:




Headed down to Harbourtown, Gold Coast, yesterday where I had a little retail therapy with my girlfriends. We chanced upon this cosy stationary shop, Typo, as the name suggests.

The paper bag from typo was simple and creative, using the traditional tie-string envelope concept. I think that the design of the paper bag is just so cute!


Love the font type and the fade-off effect. Totally old school! (:


One of the really cool items there was this set of speakers. You don’t have to plug it into any usb ports or worry about it every going out of batteries! Just have to plug it into your mp3! Nice.

It came in a clear zip bag, flattened like this.

Speakers by Typo.

After assembling it, you’ll get this.

Speakers by Typo.

And check out this Man & Woman hooks! Its a lil crude but still interesting.

Man & Woman hooks

There are loads of other cool stuff there which make great presents for any occasion!