Just thought i would share some photos from my recent trips to some of Australia’s tourist attractions. (=

Mt Tamborine

Kiwis for Sale


Red Door

Blue Mountains


Gakkenflex TLR

So, I’m thinking of getting yet another toy camera to add to my puny collection. And this time, its the Gakkenflex TLR. Looks like a super old school camera. It is very old school. Did I mention I love old school stuff. Or things that look old school? Here’s a picture.


So anyways, been checking out the gakkenflex TLR and I’ve decided that I’m so gonna get one of those as soon as I have time and money. Time? Yes. As soon I have time to spare ’cause its a DIY camera! How cool! You get to build the camera from scratch and it costs much less if you bought the DIY one compared to the ready-made one.

So here is a video of how the Gakkenflex TLR works.

And here is a video of how to assemble the Gakkenflex. (=

Enhance your photos in just 30seconds!

You’ve probably had on a few occasions have photos that look really pale. Or you may have wondered how to make your photos as sharp with brighter colors that you see on advertisements, magazines and even cookbooks! Well, I recently discovered a very useful technique in photoshop – enhancing pictures with 3 simple steps. It’s really useful if the colors of the photo are somewhat duller than you would have liked. Or simply not as sharp as you would have preferred. This technique is just a basic technique which you may choose to use it with other more advanced approaches to give your photos the ‘wow’ factor. But for now, we’ll just start with the basics.



You’ll notice that the color of the sky is more distinct and the whole picture looks much sharper than the unedited one. This is a simple and fuss-free way to get good looking pictures that still looks natural.

So lets get started.

Making Duplicates

First, you’ll have to make duplicates of your photo. You can do this by selecting from the menu under Layer. (Or Cmd-j on mac and Ctrl-j on windows). Then click on the ‘eye’ icon beside your original image to hide it. (I like to make 2 duplicates and hide my original but you can always just have one duplicate.)

Then, go select Image>Adjustments>Brightness.

Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast

This would depend on how much brightness your photo needs. However, do not worry if your photo looks overexposed at this stage. For this photo, i have chosen a brightness of +100.

Adjusting Brightness

The third step and the last would be to change the blending mode to multiply. This will blend the overexposed layer with the normal layer.

Change blending mode to Multiply

And then, we’re done!


Hope this will help everyone have better pictures. Cheers!! (=