Viral Advertising

So we’ve all heard of viral advertising. But what exactly is viral advertising? Viral comes from the word “virus”, and we all know that viruses are very contagious and can spread rapidly. Well, the same goes for viral advertising. It is a technique used by marketers and advertisers to promote or create awareness for their brand/product. The goal of this kind of marketing is to get people to talk about it to everyone and anyone they know. The most common form of viral marketing would be through youtube since its the number 1 video sharing website. Other forms of viral advertising would include flashmob where heaps of people turn up at a particular place at the same time to create a big commotion and quickly disappear after that. That will make people talk about them, spreading the word about that campaign to their friends and families.

Here’s a good viral advertising from Hell Pizza. Give it a go! Enjoy!