Jamie Oliver comes to Ipswich

SYDNEY : British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is bringing his battle against obesity to Australia, setting up his “Ministry of Food” in the Queensland town of Ipswich, he announced Monday.

“Australia for me is a country full of open-minded cooking, incredible produce, some of the best chefs in the world,” Oliver said in a video message.

“And yet, even though there are cooking shows all over TV, there is this massive health epidemic related to food.”

Ipswich, close to the east coast city of Brisbane, will host a food cooking centre which will provide classes and demonstrations designed to give residents tips on “how to make beautiful, tasty quick meals”, Oliver said.

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Jamie Oliver is coming to Ipswich!! Soon. And I’m returning back to Singapore. Soon. What a bummer. I would really love to watch him cook live, and would like to learn some things from him. Missing George and Gary’s Good Food Show was one thing. Not to mention that I missed Peter Evans too. He’s such a cute chef. Now its Jamie Oliver. Double  triple Boo.


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