What to do in Singapore?

Go for a drive-in movie of course!

And the story goes..

After returning from Aussie, life has kinda.. became somewhat boring. In Singapore, the only thing we ever knew how to do was to shop and shop and shop again along the busy streets of Orchard Road. Mall after mall after mall. Gets boring after you’ve been doing that your whole life. And so, picnic-ing became a favourite past-time, although IT IS difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedule to come out on Saturdays. And, there’s also the hot, humid weather which makes us think twice about having a picnic on a bright, cheery afternoon.

Anyways, so we planned a 2nd picnic (since a successful one 1 month ago) – a night picnic – so as to escape the unforgiving summer heat of Singapore. And are we lucky! The evening for which we planned a nice, wonderful picnic coincided with a drive-in movie! Now, I’ve heard of drive-thru movies in foreign countries, and experienced a movie-under-the-stars while in Ipswich, but I’ve never had the chance to experience a drive-in movie in Singapore! Yes, I’ve heard about it before, but the last I heard, it was temporarily unavailable due to lack of sponsors. And now, they’ve brought the drive-in movies back again! And last Saturday, they showed transformers 2!

So what’s this about?

Movie Mob  organizes drive-in movies every fortnightly at different locations. Audiences get to vote for the movie-of-thier-choice prior to the movie and you’ll have to keep yourself posted about the location and the movie 1-2 days before the screening – so you’ll always be in for a fresh adventure!
And the best part of all? IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

If you’ve just missed the movie screening… not to worry. Class 95FM Movies in the Park is back too! The next movie screening will be on 6 August 2011, at Fort Canning Park.

They’re showing: Iron Man 2 and Despicable Me
Doors open at 6pm.

So next time you’re wondering if there is anything refreshing and fun to do in Singapore, go experience a drive-in movie!