Double Take

Photoshop helps people slim down, have bigger eyes, flawless skin, white teeth and et. cetera.. It can also let you have a twin or be one third of a triplet!

*frowns at the twin*

“Please go away. I don’t want a twin.”

Oh wells.

“This plant is really leafy”

Don't. Say. See. Hear. Anything.

See Nothing | Speak Nothing | Hear Nothing




THE LAND OF LEGOS is finally opened!

Truly Asia.

It’s a bad period to go thou. It kept raining and raining. Urgh. It was still fun with the girls and boys nonetheless.

Right right. Definitely need a boat if Legoland floods.

Tiger Airways.

Doesnt look anything like our national carrier, SIA

At the warehouse

China Welcomes You.

Then we visited India.. I suppose this is India..

A Lego Party! Nice.

And we’re back to Singapore!

Clarke Quay.

And finally, i need to show off the heros. Cool stuff. Comes with a cool price too @ RM19.90 each.

The Heros of the Day.

From left to right: Ron Weasley, Jack Sparrow, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star


Back to School

When you thought that there’s nothing to do in Singapore..

Gather up a few friends, some old uniforms, a camera and a tripod and..

A Class Photo

Running Wild.


What goes on in school.

Aint easy being a teacher.

Dont we all love such moments 😉

all in the name of fun 🙂

Images taken with Canon EOS 500D


Vespa Adventures

The highlight of the recent Ho Chi Minh trip had to be that vespa tour with Vespa Adventures. They offer 4 different tours to cater to the different interests of tourists. We decided to go with the night tour as it had thebest reviews on TripAdvisor.

The tour started at 6pm (with a small drizzle) and the vespa team picked us up from our hotel – with the vespas that we were gonna ride (pillion) for the night. Really convenient. We then headed to Zoom Cafe to meet up with another 2 ladies who had also signed up for the tour. After some drinks and snacks and cake (happy birthday again TC), the real adventure began.

Our Riders.

Vespa Adventures

People watching with a beer in hand.

All of us. (minus me)

Let’s Go!

We arrived at our 1st stop. A small seafood stall in District 7.

The stall.

Shrimp Salt Roasted Crab. Yumms.

Clams Vietnam Style

And this, Chem Chep is super good.

I have to say the Chem Chep is really awesome. Coming from me, who doesnt eat mussels, oysters, clams etc.. this has no fishy taste at all.

Enjoying a good chem chep

Cruising down the streets of HCM in a Vespa

Next stop – Mung Bean Pancakes, Fried Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Spring Rolls and BBQ Beef @ District 1.

Hard at work making mung bean pancakes

Our friendly Guide, Dan.

A tutorial on how to eat a mung bean pancake – viet style.

Our Co-Guide.

And off we go again.


The secret hideout for couples.

Welcome Welcome.


And that’s all. Goodnight.

And we ended off the tour at a pub. If you are ever ever going to Ho Chi Minh, this is one tour that you SHOULD take. Although it costs $72USD, it’s totally worth it. No regrets.

Good Food. Great Entertainment. Nice People.